When I was asked to be part of the panel for The WAHM 101 How to be a Work at Home Mom workshop I was thrilled. It validated my achievement so far as to being a WAHM that I could share my experiences and advice to those who are embarking or soon to embark on the same road.

The WAHM 101 workshop is the second workshop to be held in 2 years by Manila Workshops and Wahmderful Life. With so many moms and even dads, singles and more venturing into working at home this was a timely workshop to discuss the possibilities and progress of working from home.

It was a blessing to have found the WAHMderful Community for Work-at-Home Moms group on Facebook. It’s a place where I can go to for leads, tips and tricks, questions, and encouragement from fellow WAHMs.

Main speaker Martine De Luna is an inspiration and many of us have seen her as someone we can emulate to have a blissful work at home career and life. I was impressed with the experiences she shared, her wit and her eloquence.

There are many questions and concerns when starting on a work at home career and this workshop helped answer and address those.

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The workshop included talks from Martine, activities, an interactive panel, and brainstorming sessions. The attendees were broken up into groups with a member of the panel and can ask questions about being a WAHM.

I enjoyed this part because I was able to share what I had experienced starting out and I was able to give solid advice that I had learned through my own trials and errors.

At the end of the workshop attendees were presented with certificates.

WAHM 101 2014 attendees

Having worked at home for 3 years now it would seem that I know everything I need to know about being a WAHM but in fact it’s quite the opposite. There’s so much more to learn.

Having met Martine and the other WAHMs I realize and look forward to constantly learning, achieving, and pursuing my interests.

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With (L-R) Martine De Luna and co-panelists Hana Pangan and Sammy Tan

DSC00358 rs

 With (L-R) the very jovial Regina Lomarda and The Happy WAHM Marge Aberasturi

DSC00357 rs

Finally met the very pretty and Dainty Mom, Martine De Luna

DSC00355 rs

When you attend a workshop you earn a Learning Circle card that gives youa 10% discount on all events and you get to attend the Mastermind sessions for free. I look forward to getting to know more WAHMs from the group. There are many more workshop and events to look forward to.

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Attending this workshop and meeting all these wonderful ladies has been one of the highlights of my year so far.

Being a WAHM is a never ending learning process and I’m encouraged to explore my interests and take more chances. I’m excited and happy that there’s so much more for me to achieve.

I hope you are encouraged to move out of your comfort zone and take chances to make your life one that you are happy and proud to live.

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