I love shopping online for the convenience and the many products available at the tips of my fingers.

My fellow mommies and I from Mommy Bloggers Philippines were given an opportunity to review some baby products. I chose to try products through the online baby shop, Cudsly.

Cudsly has everything a mother could and would need for their baby. The site is very easy to navigate and everything is in a category making it easier for moms like me to peruse the site. You’ll find categories such as Diapering & Wipes, Feeding & Nursing, Bath & Skin Care, Health & Safety, etc.

A helpful feature on their site is the filter which allows you to be specific when searching for items to purchase.

I had a Php500 GC to spend and got all these items (there are 2 Sticky Hand Wipes there)! I’m a big fan of Tiny Buds as you can see and ordered mostly that and another mosquito repellent.

DSC00322 rs

My son has a tendency to swell in areas where he’s been bit. I’m really cautious when we’re out and even when we’re at home that he does not get bit.

I’ve tried several repellents and this was one of the best. I was actually on the look out for these in stores but could never find them. When I saw that they were available on Cudsly, I immediately added this to my cart.

DSC00326 rs

Since Jael has sensitive skin I’m choosy with the products he uses. For powder we use Tiny Buds rice baby powder. It’s only 50g but it lasts longer than other commercial baby powders.

Another plus about Tiny Buds is that their ingredients are all natural and organic making it safe to use on my baby’s sensitive skin.

DSC00331 rs

Their baby wipes is another excellent product. Handy and pulls out easily and one by one. I get irritated with wipes that cling to the next wipe that you end up pulling 2. These wipes pull out one at a time even in wiping emergencies!

DSC00329 rs

This is another mosquito repellent that I found effective and handy. Also another product I had a hard time finding at the local supermarket.

DSC00325 rs

I’m very happy to have a one stop shop for all of my baby’s needs and where I can get all the products we love.

Check out their Sale Tab for up to 40% off on items and if you sign up for their newsletter you get 20% off on your next purchase!

Online shopping at Cudsly is easy with payment options such as COD (cash on delivery depending on the area), credit cards, and PayPal.

They have a shipping policy of 3-5 days. You are also emailed a tracking number so you can check on the status of your delivery.

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