I had quite a good haul this April from Sample Room.

I’m loving these in particular because they all have a purpose in my every day life and are all great products.

I’m so enamored by the SkinWhite Whitening Body Wash that I’m buying one today! Only available at Mercury Drugstore outlets though. Luckily, I’m going to Fairview Terraces this afternoon for an event launch of Active Fun where they have a Mercury Drug Store.


I make it a point to bring hand sanitizer or alcohol with me whenever I’m out and I’m definitely getting a lot of use out of theΒ Hygienix Anti-Bacterial Hand Spray. In fact I’m almost out and will have to buy more soon.

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I don’t really use whitening products nor do I have a preference since I’m pretty fair-skinned but I like this Gluta – C Underarm and Bikini Skin Whitening which can also be used for elbows, knees and other problem areas.


I’m also enjoying Nivea’s Deep Cleansing Mud Foam which I use every other day.


The Zen Zest Anti-Mosquito Fragrance has been effective both by keeping the mosquitoes at bay and giving our rooms a nice lemony scent. I’m not as big a fan of theΒ Zen Zest Cabinet Deodorizer because I find the smell too masculine but it definitely works and keeps your closets and cabinets smelling nice.

zen zest rs

If you’re not a Sample Room member yet I highly encourage you to join. You get to try quality products for free (you only need to pay for shipping) and you can give honest reviews.

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