I was not expecting to watch Maleficent in the theaters. I was planning on waiting for it to come out on DVD and watch it with the kids at home.

However, when I received an invitation from Trinoma Malls to attend a block screening I couldn’t resist. I hadn’t attend a block screening before so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I was excited though and since I was allowed to bring 1 guest I brought my fellow blogger, Jamie of Have at You.

I loved the invitation and Angelina Jolie looks  stunning in the title role! She really gave life to the movie.

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We,  bloggers were treated to food from TGI Fridays and Fish & Co. The pictures below don’t do justice but they were classics from these 2 famous restaurants.

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Whenever my friend, Jenan and I have a movie date we always choose Trinoma. It’s convenient for both of us and we meet half way.

Recently, Kianna had a photo shoot for Trinoma’s in-house magazine and she had her shots taken in front of the Now Showing movie posters.

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Trinoma Cinemas are excellent when it comes to scheduling and planning. I like that you can choose your seats and those seats are yours no matter what (as long as you’ve reserved/paid for them of course!). For sure-fire blockbusters Jenan usually reserves through Sure Seats.

Also nice is the little treats and perks Trinoma gives you. We recently watched Divergent and got a Buy One Take One Javakula coupon for Seattle’s Best!

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Now for the movie, Maleficent focuses on the evil witch that puts Sleeping Beauty under a spell. Sleeping Beauty otherwise known as Aurora is indeed a beauty. Angelina Jolie though was radiant as Maleficent. I personally am a fan. She’s an emotion evoking actress that can kick butt, too!

As Maleficent, she indeed shows 2 sides to the woman most know as evil. If the tale is to be believed, she wasn’t all that evil but became one when her heart was broken.

There were many touching scenes in the movie, one of which was a scene where Aurora is just a toddler and is played by Angelina Jolie’s daughter. I was teary eyed in a scene near the end of the movie (don’t want to spoil it for you!) and I think there wasn’t a dry eye in the crowd.

Personally, I found the movie to be entertaining. If I can watch a movie and not even feel like time passed by then I was definitely enthralled which as it should be. There may be some that will critique the movie to it’s smallest detail but I think families and especially children will have a wonderful time watching it.

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with Jamie of Have at You

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 Also spotted Lani of Tweenselmom and Mommy Bloggers Philippines

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Thanks Trinoma, Michelle Joyce Sazon, and Aldous Calubad for a wonderful movie experience! I look forward to more block screenings! 🙂

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