The heat can be a terrible day spoiler. You wake up refreshed and ready for a day of fun in the sun but then you realize it’s too hot to enjoy anything. You could turn up the air-conditioning but that would be a murderous electric bill!

If you’re looking for fun summer activities here are some of my suggestions.

Take an Online Course

You could take a fun course online and not have to leave the comfort of your own home meaning your air-conditioning or electric fan!

Have you tried a martial arts course online? Get some exercise and learn self defense all at the same time.


Catch Up on Your Reading

If you’re a certified bookworm like me then reading would definitely appeal to you.

I have a list of books I’m trying to catch up on and since I have more hours in the summer with the kids on vacation I try to read books from Oprah’s Book Club list.

Dystopian novels are all the rage these days, try reading these dystopian books. Your middle-schoolers can get a head start on reading with these best book series for boys and girls.


Cultural Trips Indoors

It would be great to travel because that’s one sure-fire way to beat the heat but if you’re like me and need a budget friendly solution why not try virtual museums?

These are accessible online and totally free. You could be walking through The Smithsonian or The Louvre. How about a look into the Vatican or our very own National Museum?



Try challenging yourself with a rubik’s cube or what about games for the entire family?


Arts and Crafts

This is an enjoyable activity that children and the whole family will like. There are so many arts and crafts projects to do.

We recently made origami birds for my friend’s bridal shower and had a lot of fun creating decorations. A few years back we created decorations for our youngest son’s birthday. It was a family effort and was a great way to spend time together.

DSC09520 rs

One summer the kids had a photo shoot courtesy of our youngest’s godmother whose husband is a photographer.

It was fun for the kids as they did various poses. It’s also fun coming up with the props and set ups.

phot shoot


If you want to enjoy the summer outdoors why not visit the zoo, a theme park or go swimming?

DSC09178 rs

Whether you find something to do indoors or outdoors there’s no better way to feel refreshed than with a splash of Pure N Fresh Cologne.

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DSC00067 rs

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