I remember a time when paper and pens were how children learned to write. Today we have apps that can teach our kids how to write. With the majority of children owning gadgets it would seem practical to make better use of these gadgets with apps that will help them to learn. It’s a good thing that there are just as many learning apps as there are game apps.

I still subscribe to the old fashion way of learning how to write but when it’s time for Jael and I to rest we use this time to read on my Kobo or play on the iPhone.

The most recent learning app we’ve downloaded is from Kids Academy. They have a Preschool and Kindergarten learning kids games app for toddlers where they can learn to read, try interactive ABC, alphabet tracing, phonics songs, match letters, and math puzzle games.


The free version of the app lets you trace numbers and letters but to a limited extent. For letters only up to letter c and for numbers up to number 3. To be able to take full advantage of the learning experience you’ll have to get the in-app purchase to have access to all the letters and numbers and the stories included in the app.


Jael enjoyed the tracing and was very happy when he was able to correctly trace the letters and numbers. The paid version also gives your child over 200+ interactive worksheets.learning-app

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