Dairy Queen has been popular for their Blizzard and they are constantly producing different flavors. They recently released new Nutella Blizzard flavors. There are 2 to choose from: Banana Nutella and Waffle Crisp Nutella.

I love chocolate hazelnut from the spread to the ice cream so the lure of the Nutella Blizzard was irresistible. I got to try the Waffle Crisp Nutella at their SM Fairview branch. I’m not a big fan of bananas so this was the obvious choice for me.


Sad to say, it didn’t quite live up to my expectations. As you can see it doesn’t look as chocolatey as it should be. A far cry from the ads on their Facebook page. You can hardly taste the Nutella flavor. It seemed there wouldn’t have been any difference if I had gone for the Kit Kat Blizzard. The only difference would have been the waffle crisps. I suggest more chocolate hazelnut to give it that distinct Nutella flavor.

I’ve never been disappointed with Dairy Queen and their Blizzards so I’ll take this as an off day. Next time, I’ll try the Banana Nutella as I’ve heard good things about it!

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