I had a dinosaur obsession when I was in 4th grade. My teacher was a dinosaur lover and she loved to incorporate that in our class activities and lessons. My favorite dinosaur was the brontosaurus.

Sebastian also liked dinosaurs when he was little and he loved to read about them. Now our youngest Jael is also a dinosaur fan. He loves Jurassic Park and can actually name a lot of dinosaurs. He would watch the movies and say he wanted to go to Jurassic Park.

As I was checking my email I saw a Metro Deal offer on Clarkland Dinosaurs Island in Clark Pampanga. The deal was a day pass at their Jurassic Jungle Safari Tour. Worth Php150.00 the vouchers were only Php75.00 each. It’s located in Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga.

DSC09081 rs

Upon entering the park there are huts where families can stay, rest and eat. There are also stores (expect prices to be a bit steep) where you can buy food and drinks. There’s a bathroom outside and inside the park.

dinosaurs island amenities rs

 The entrance to the Jurassic Jungle Safari is reminiscent of the Jurassic Park movies.

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There are about 5-7 cars where people will ride as they tour the safari. These are simple and a bit rickety but were safe. The cars go at a slow speed. As we were the only ones on the trail there was a bit of a creepy feeling.

Jungle Safari

 As you can see Jael was scared as were the rest of us. Although going into it you of course know that it’s not real it’s great fun to be surprised especially when the dinosaurs come up close and start banging the cars.

DSC0911 rs

Outside the park there are two dinosaurs children can ride. At Php50.00 per ride at two minutes it’s definitely worth it to give children the experience.

DSC09119 rs

There are so many dinosaurs that seem lifelike and huge especially for children. They are also mechanically built to move and roar.

dinosaurs rs

 The T-Rex exhibit has a special feature where you can pose up top near his head.

DSC09178 rs

The park is full of greens and wood. You will really feel like you’re on an island far away from civilization apart from the gadgets that everyone is carrying that is! There were a lot of great opportunities for shots.

dinosaurs-park rs

There’s also an area where you can watch dinosaurs dance and give people a good scare. Kianna was scared out of her wits. It’s too bad I didn’t get a shot of Kianna as she was screaming her head off! She had a really good fright!

dinosaurs-dancing rs

Overall the experience was definitely worth it and will be a memorable one for all of us.

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