If you were to categorize me I would probably be more of a bag person than a shoe person. I can wear the same pair of shoes until they break down or just plain give up on me but I love to have different shoulder bags and handbags depending on its purpose.

I received a lovely handbag from Tmart.com to try out and review. As you can see the bag is eye catching and has touches that make it look like an expensive bag.

I like the size as it has enough space and pockets for me to put all my necessities. I have certain staples I never leave the house without and sometimes I prefer certain items to have it’s own compartment. This bag has 1 pocket inside and 2 side pockets.

Durability is an important factor especially since I sometimes cram all my things into my bag. The handles are extra thick and are sewn on and tacked on.

With the way that it’s made, it’s best to carry it on your arm rather than your shoulder.


11.81 inches length, 7.87 height and 5.51 inches width

When I got the Tmart Elegant Women Map Pattern PU Leather Zipper Closure Handbags Yellow I immediately tried it out and instantly thought of what outfits it would go with that I planned to wear in the coming days. I realized it would go with any outfit as the bag had a neutral color. I can wear casual or semi-fancy and the bag would pair well with outfits for those occasions.

I love the old style map and while killing time it makes for a great way to entertain yourself by checking out the countries and oceans.


The side pockets are big enough to store small items like hand sanitizers or your keys which I do. The zippers are easy to open and that touch of gold gives it a luxurious look.


The accents of the bags like the gold rings and red lining give it extra detail.


Sometimes you can wear a simple outfit and have your bag as an accent. This bag would definitely do the trick and more so because it’s also practical and can serve various purposes.

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