Aside from mascara lipstick is the other beauty product that I’m hesitant to use. One is that I don’t like the certain taste that lipstick has and the other is that you have to constantly check if you still have some and to be honest I don’t look in the mirror as often as I should.

Lately however, I’ve started to take my beauty routine seriously and so when I had the opportunity to review lipstick from Colour Collection at Sample Room I went ahead and tried it.


I learned a little something from Kianna about lipstick so I chose a color that I thought would go well with my complexion. Having to choose between the shades was a little tricky. They were all so pretty but I knew I wanted something soft and light.

I chose Bellissima, a lively coral shade because I love that word and the color seemed light enough for me. It also goes with my personality, not too loud and blends in well.

2014-03-14 23.12.37

This line of lipstick from Colour Collections offers lasting color for up to 8 hours.  I tried the lipstick and it lasted for about 3 on my lips. I’m not sure if it’s because I was constantly licking my lips (no dreaded “lipstick taste” ) or it’s because I had attended a cooking class that day! I like that it has moisturizer and was compact and slim. Very easy to bring with me anywhere.


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