Kianna and I were in the Katipunan area for a Young Chefs Boot Camp class (more on that in another post) and since we arrived early we decided to kill time by using one of my Enjoy Philippines vouchers. The Coffee Beanery is located in the same building as the Center for Culinary Arts where we would be having our cooking class. It’s also under the well known Cravings group of restaurants.

The voucher offered Complimentary Unlimited Coffee and Cake. There cafe part was unfortunately under construction so we were brought to a section of the dining area by the temporary UCC (Unlimited Coffee and Cake) section.


It was a bit disappointing because they had various cakes but only cupcakes were offered to us and only 3 varieties. We had presented our voucher beforehand so it may have also explained the less than satisfactory service. Although the staff was kind when approached a little more effort could have been made.


The chocolate cupcake with marshmallow topping was the best for me. The carrot cake was a bit dry but the topping was alright. The UCC is at Php200+ (tax) and it wouldn’t be worth it even if it was unlimited. Only having 3 choices and cupcakes at that when it claims to be “Unlimited Coffee and Cakes” I at least expected a cake in the mix.

Sadly, I wouldn’t recommend this particular offer but I don’t discount the restaurant as a whole since Cravings offers delicious dishes.

It may have just been my voucher which still shouldn’t be the reason for the less than enticing food and service.



Nonetheless, Kianna and I had an enjoyable time talking and speculating what food we would be making later that day.


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