I love it when we take family pictures whether they be “selfie” shots or studio portraits. I love to look back on our family pictures and see how much the children have grown and I try not to see how old I’ve gotten!

I had a voucher for a free Great Image Photo Session and 2pcs 2R print courtesy of Enjoy Philippines. We went to their SM Fairview branch for our free photo session.

We had a family picture taken a few years back at Great Image and I loved it! We took plenty of shots in different poses and in the end we chose this shot which was the last one we took!

011 RS

Having your family picture taken at Great Image is a fun experience. The photographer asks you to try different poses and positioning. We had a little session ourselves before the photographer arrived!

We must have taken about 30 shots! It takes that many to get the shots you want. Once we had finished I had to now choose which shot we wanted for our free 2R print. I also opted to get the soft copy which I paid Php100 for.

At Great Image in order to get the soft copy of a shot, you need to purchase 1 print of a 3R size at Php320.00. Now admittedly it’s a bit pricey but when you’ve seen your shots it makes it worth the purchase.

They also provide packages so that you get different poses, have a soft copy and have your pictures on file with them. These packages start at Php1,000+.

When I was choosing a picture I was told that I had the option of changing the faces as long as they were symmetrical to the shot. I opted for this option because I found a great shot of all of us but Jael wasn’t smiling. After making my decision I was told to come back the next day for viewing before it would be printed.

The next day I found that the pictures had been fixed but Jael’s face hadn’t been changed. I was a bit disappointed with that but one of their very helpful staff, Cris tried to accommodate my request. Unfortunately, it couldn’t be done so I chose another picture. I was very grateful to Cris though for trying to do what I requested. Great job to her!

DSC08834 RS

This is the shot I chose for our 3R print so that I could have our session saved in their files.

IMG_0096k 812x1218 rs

Here’s our chosen 2R shot that we got for free from Great Image and Enjoy Philippines.

IMG_0112 c 812x1218 rs

If you’re thinking of getting a family picture taken I recommend Great Image!

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