I had a great opportunity to have an exclusive peek and join a hands-on cooking and baking session at CCA Manila (Center for Culinary Arts). CCA Manila is located along Katipunan and it’s where you can also find Cravings and The Coffee Beanery.

Since summer is coming up plenty of summer workshops have been popping up around the metro. Aside from the usual sports and arts and crafts another popular workshop is cooking classes (something I definitely need!)

cca young chefs

The Young Chefs Boot Camp is hosted at one of the country’s prestigious culinary schools. They have been teaching these particular courses for over 10 years now. It’s hands-on learning from cooking to baking and it also includes kitchen safety and preparation. Classes will officially start on March 24 until May 26, 2014.

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The workshop is targeted towards children from ages 5 to 16 years old. I brought my daughter, Kianna along to experience the workshop and since it’s she and her daddy who cook at home I thought it would be a great way to add to her repertoire.

Our cooking session was led by Chef Anne Anatacio who for the day was going to teach us how to make Macaroni Hungarian and Cheddar Cheese and Chocolate Crinkles. When I heard that I was excited! I love Mac n Cheese and Chocolate Crinkles.

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We were paired by table and we had a wonderful time cooking with Ms. Glaiza Tominio of Moomy Musings. She brought along her playful daughter, Noa. We also got our very own aprons and chefs hats to wear.

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Chef Anne started by demonstrating how to prepare the Chocolate Crinkles. We watched as she worked her magic to create the chocolate mixture. Once the chocolate mixture was done it was put in the chiller to harden and to later be rolled into balls.

DSC08526 RS

Chef Anne then started on the Macaroni Hungarian and Cheddar Cheese. This was a bit more tricky and included some slicing and frying.

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While her sample of the Mac n Cheese was in the oven for it’s final touch we started on our Chocolate Crinkles and Mac n Cheese.

DSC08591 RS

DSC08580 RS

To be honest, our concoctions were looking to be disasters with too much liquid in the sauce for the Mac n Cheese and an unwanted added ingredient to our chocolate mixture (good thing it was sugar!).

With a little remedy we were able to pull it off and our creations were edible (more than in my opinion) and looked as it should be.

DSC08596 RS

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We had an enjoyable time and even got to bring some home for our families.

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With other mommy bloggers who also attended the cooking session.

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