Money makes the world go round and when you don’t have any… it seems to stop. When I was given an opportunity to read I Wish They Taught Money in High School I was hesitant but very curious. I have wondered why we weren’t taught about how to be practical when it comes to money. We’re taught to compute and calculate but not how to save and invest.

My road to financial freedom has been a long and winding one until about a year ago. I have incurred heavy debts and felt myself swimming in an abyss of loans and endless bills. It was a rough road going through major life changes that effectively made an impact on our financial capabilities. As determined as ever I strived to break free and aimed for financial stability. With hard work I have reached a point where I can say we are financially doing alright. Not well, not more than enough but alright but that begs the question “Is that enough?”


Reading this book taught me plenty. For someone who wasn’t taught about money in high school and at home it was comforting to learn and realize the possibilities still available to me. The book is 2 in 1 focusing on “How to Start Your Own Business Right Away” and “How Not to be Dependent on Your Paycheck”

Although I don’t have aspirations of starting a business I found it very informative and explained to me in the simplest of terms. If read early on it can have a profound impact on young people who aspire to have their own business some day.

I found the “How Not to be Dependent on Your Paycheck” part of the book more applicable to me. I earn a fixed income and it does seem that I am earning enough to sustain my needs but not necessarily enough to flourish.

The one thing I hold on to is that I have the ability and capability to earn. In this way I can aspire for financial freedom and growth. I started the year with a goal of having some money saved by the end of the year. Every week I set aside a pre-defined amount. So far I have been able to do it which is a small feat for others but a big one for me.

I’ve contemplated investing but have never felt comfortable about the terms and was unsure of the process. I was enlightened upon reading this book because it described and defined it for me in the simplest terms.

My children are still in middle school but as early as now I want them to read this book so they may have a better understanding of  the word money and all the implications.

I would definitely recommend this book and hope that it sets forth a precedence in including these aspects to our  curriculum.

The authors are Clarissa Serina-De La Paz and Sharon W. Que. I think there may be some that will be put off when reading their book because it seems to show families of considerable wealth and everything seems so easy but their helpful explanation of terms and practical advice can be applied to any one of us. If we are determined to be financially capable and more so we can apply these practices and one day be NOT dependent on paychecks.

I like at the end of the book that a Millionaire’s Log is provided so that you can plan for your dreams, assess your liabilities and assets, plot your money map and list down what you’re grateful for.

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