Lego has created a Virtual Lego Land for times that your child is not able to play with his Lego blocks. He can virtually make Lego creations with the use of the Build with Chrome App through your Google Chrome browser.

It allows you to use different Lego bricks plus extras to build your Lego creation. You can also change the colors of the bricks, height view, rotate, and zoom in to better get a look at what you’re creating.

I tried it and on my first try found it to be easy to use and fun! I learned about the color changing bricks though after so please excuse the red!


On the whole it’s pretty safe to use but it does ask for your location which you can choose to allow or not. This is so that you can place your design creation in designed online maps of Earth and also see what others have built.

I hope you’re not dismayed by my creation because you can build masterpieces. Just check out the video below.

This comes just in time for The Lego Movie which the kids are looking forward to watching!


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