I have been using a chair from our dining set in my office corner. I’ve been wanting to get an office chair but they are quite expensive. Sitting for more than 8 hours straight can be tiring and stressful on the back. It also limits my time for physical activity which has contributed to my being overweight.

I’ve found that the main components of a good office chair are that you can adjust the height of the chair, good back support, and wheels. As I have an ¬†office corner with 2 desktop computers it would be ideal to get an office chair I can roll around on.

A way for me to combat poor posture and back pain is by doing some chair exercises. I also take mini breaks such as standing for 5 minutes to drink a glass of water or doing some tidying up. I’ve also learned that your office work space has to be ergonomically correct. By synchronizing my desk and office chair I’m able to prevent back pain and be more productive.

Here’s an interesting infographic of the history of today’s chair. Soon on the blog- my own office chair!


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