As a huge lover of ice cream I couldn’t pass up a chance to try the new Magnum Gold ice cream bar. I had previously tried the Classic Magnum flavor and found it to be delicious but a bit pricey.

With the Gold label on this ice cream bar I was curious to know if it indeed was gold worthy.


Described as Vanilla Flavoured Ice Cream with Seasalt Caramel Sauce Coated with Golden Coloured Chocolate. I love the coating because of its thickness and flavor and there’s a right mix of Seasalt Caramel with the Vanilla.

Overall the Magnum Gold ice cream bar is very delicious, I wish it were bigger of course, but at Php55.00 (local store price) it’s a once in awhile indulgence.

With summer coming up I’m sure plenty of people will indulge with this creamy and gold flavored delight, me being one of them!

 Available at leading supermarkets.

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