I invited my husband to try B&P with me and we brought our son, Jael along for a dinner date at the cozy restaurant. We chose to sit in the back outside because Jael can be a handful and attracts attention with his inquisitive questions and loud voice especially when he gets excited.

The outside area is a little dim but just right for a dinner date. There were about 3 tables outside and this area is most ideal for smokers. Although we’re not a smoking family and were lucky that there were no smokers that night.

Although I had tasted most of their offerings during the soft launch, I wasn’t able to taste one of their specialties the B&P Chick to Chick so we ordered that and the Don Malutong. I loved their Lemon Celery Pandan Cooler and ordered that for myself.

I liked the Chick to Chick which also included a pancake that Jael ate. He enjoyed playing with the syrup server.


We had delved into the food as soon as it arrived which you’ll see with the cut pancake and only 3 pieces of chicken. There are actually 4 pieces when served.


The Don Malutong has a big serving and the dish is deep with more than enough rice for 2.


Overall, my 2nd experience was pleasant.  The server was very accommodating and even had short chats with Jael. The food was delicious and the only let down was the Lemon Celery Pandan Cooler. It didn’t have the same sweet yet sour taste I had previously enjoyed. it seemed to be more on the sour side. The serving was also less than what I had during the launch but this is what their serving may really be.

We took home their Triple Decker pancakes for our other 2 children. They loved the pancakes their only comment being that the Nutella cold hardly be tasted. I hope they offer paperbags so it’s easier to bring home takeaway food.

B&P is open from 7am-12am Sunday to Thursday and 7am to 1am from Fridays to Saturdays. You can check out their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for more details.

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