I’ve been blogging for a while now but only started investing and putting time and effort into it 6 months ago. When I had the opportunity to attend a 4 week course on Profitable Blogging by Blogelina. I got a year’s worth of free web hosting and from there purchased a domain for this blog.

I started to have a passion for blogging when I joined a blogging challenge that required me to blog everyday for 1 month. I used to have problems coming up with posts to write about but after the challenge I saw blog inspirations everywhere. I saw inspiration in the places I went to, the food I discovered, the books I read, and the things I do with my family.  I also found myself writing and sharing about things I myself would like to know and read about it.

When I started writing posts more often I was able to gain some attention and found myself being invited to events and trying out products. These are great opportunities that I share with my family. I often bring one of my children along and if all my children are welcome I bring all 3. I love that I get to blog and enjoy it with my family.


I have so much more to learn and the blogging community has been a kind one. I’ve met fellow mommy bloggers who are just like me fitting in their blogging between children and working at home.

Though I enjoy blogging, I still consider it as part of working at home. I invest money, time and effort to maintain it but because I enjoy it so much it doesn’t feel like “work”. I would honestly do it for free because I love that I get to attend events, meet new people and write all about it.

If you need some blog inspirations, try a self 30 day blogging challenge. It also helps to make a list of the things you enjoy and then make a list of what you want to share with others (things you would also like to learn as well).

My list would include:

  1. Food- new restaurants, promos
  2. Books- books I loved as a child, books my children love
  3. Places to Go- for me and my husband, for the children, for the entire family

Once you put your thoughts down you’ll be able to see topics you can write about. As much as possible try and set aside time to write. A blog calendar also helps to plan posts. Mine is an ordinary excel file that has a calendar format. I get inspired to write more when I see so many posts that I have planned.

What inspires you to blog? I’d love to hear about it and any suggestions you may have on blog inspirations.

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