My first free sample product from Sample Room is CalChews a calcium treat you can chew. It was a nice surprise that such a product is on the market.

It’s a Calcium and Vitamin D & K dietary supplement you can take in chocolate or caramel flavors. My two favorite flavors, too! Of the two I found I liked the caramel better.

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How can these CalChews calcium supplements truly benefit us? Well, for one taking calcium daily helps us to increase bone mass which we later lose as we get older. We can make sure that we lose minimal bone mass just by taking 1 piece a day. It also contributes to healthier teeth and prevention of certain cancers. If you’re not eating as much green leafy vegetables as you should then the Vitamin K in this supplement will help to make up for that. As well as Vitamin D which sources include salmon, sardines, shrimp, eggs, cow’s milk, yogurt and the like.

It’s tempting to eat more than 1 a day but the recommended is just 1 piece per day to meet your daily calcium requirement to properly absorb and store in your body.

They are packed in easy to open boxes and are individually wrapped so you can bring them with you in your purse or bag. They have boxes of 15s and 30s and are available at Watsons and Mercury Drug stores.

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