Have you gone to the National Bookstore Warehouse Sale yet? I went on the first day and got quite a few finds. I was there with my daughter before 10am and a line had already formed. It felt great to be there to be one of the first customers to go through the books they had on sale.

It turns out that this sale had the items from the last National Bookstore sale and they’re trying to finish up these stocks to accommodate new stocks for their summer sale.

The books on sale were already discounted from as low as Php20.00 to Php500. The best part is that these prices were further slashed 50% off!

I didn’t buy too many books as I don’t have the space and read on my Kobo Glo. I saw a lot of great titles though but focused on children’s books and got some books that were ones I really wanted to have.

Here are my finds:


My Pet Dino: Original Price: Php250.00 Sale Price: Php15.00


Dinosaurs Love Underpants: Original Price: Php150.00 Sale Price: Php10.00

Z is for Zoo: Original Price: Php349.00 Sale Price: Php25.00

Ultimate Sticker Collection: Original Price: Php545.00 Sale Price: Php50.00

Dinosaurs: Original Price: Php275.00 Sale Price: Php25.00

Where’s Wally?: Original Price: Php898.00 Sale Price: Php50.00

Ben 10 Wipe and Clean: Original Price: Php135.00 Sale Price: Php15.00

A Christmas Present for Me!: Original Price: Php355.00 Sale Price: Php37.50


Word Search

Original Price: Php99.00 Sale Price: Php10.00

Original Price: Php44.50 Sale Price: Php10.00


The Yearbook for Girls: Original Price: Php549.00 Sale Price: Php37.50

The Boys’ Book of Survival: Original Price: Php395.00 Sale Price: Php25.00


Eclipse: Original Price: Php75.00 Sale Price: Php37.50

Bringing Up Bebe: Original Price: Php999.00 Sale Price: Php50.00

The Hunger Games Companion: Original Price: Php599.00 Sale Price: Php50.00

1,000 Place to See Before You Die: Original Price: Php805.00 Sale Price: Php100.00

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