I’ve pretty much given up on riding any kind of ride that would make my head spin and my food take a reverse route. I had a pretty traumatic experience riding a ride that left me shaken and nauseous at the now defunct Global Fun.

My children however, enjoy a good ride. We went to Star City with my husband’s clan and all the nieces and nephews (including my 2 eldest) lined up for the Surf Dance ride.

The Surf DanceĀ is a gondola ride that is about the height of a five-storey building. The 44-seat ride swings upwards, downwards, and sideways.

As I was gazing up at this monstrous ride all I could think was how anyone could actually stomach it. Despite my hesitations, the line was farther than my eye could see. They were in line for that ride for about an hour because it was the holiday season.


When they finally got their turn, they all took their strategic places. My daughter took one end of the ride while my son sat in the middle part.

It was a very funny experience because I could actually hear my daughter calling for me like her life depended on it. Still when they got down they still wanted more!



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