Here’s a last minute fun surprise for me which I think you will all enjoy. I received a Santa message in my Inbox and was so delighted to hear it. Google always has something in store for special days but the Google Santa Tracker is a full fledged Christmas village complete with games, fun and more.

There are over 20 stops you can visit. You can get a peek behind the scenes of how Christmas happens from the elves getting dressed to watching Christmas candy get made and watching the elves hard at play. Maybe you’d like to sit in on a Christmas briefing?

One of the best features here is the Call from Santa. You have a little chat with Santa about the message you’ll be sending to someone special and you have options of sending it through email and downloading it. You can also send a holiday card where you get to pick the character and background.

santa call

There are a few games to play to pass the time. Kids will enjoy the speed racing and memory games. Kids and even adults can learn about holiday traditions all around the world.

Visit the Christmas Village of Fun

If you’re looking for a traditional feel when sending out your holiday wishes try this simple way of designing a Christmas card that you can send through email or  social networks.

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