I’ve had the pleasure of using Canva, a simple online design platform to create some holiday cards for my family. I enjoyed making my Christmas cards so much I ended up making 6 cards  in one sitting.

Traditional Christmas card sending through the mail seems like a thing of the past. For the youth of today they won’t know the joy of receiving a card, checking out the stamp and opening the envelope to see a card chosen especially for you.

Canva has however, made a try at recreating this by providing cards that can be sent through your email or social networks. You also still get the effect of the envelope opening which is a nice touch.


What’s great about Canva is you can easily create a Christmas card with the templates they provide. You have plenty of layouts and backgrounds to choose from and fonts you can use. The drag and drop is an excellent feature and makes everything much easier. All you have to do is choose your photos, the template you’d like to use, add some text and voila! Your’re all set to send out your holiday cards!

Canva is currently in Beta but they are giving us a chance to try this platform without breaking the bank.

To date Canva has received praise from the following:

“A graphic design platform anyone can use” — TechCrunch
“Canva could very well become an industry disrupting household name” — Web Appstorm
“The easiest to use design program in the world” — Netted by the Webbys

According to Canva CEO Melanie Perkins the company wants to make it easy for people to create and share their own designs with people they care about, and receiving personalised Christmas cards is something everyone appreciates.

“Together with the world’s best photographers, designers, and illustrators, we’ve set out to introduce beautiful designs to everyone,” she said.

“This Christmas we want to give more people the ability to craft something special for family and friends. Designing with Canva is as simple as choosing a layout, searching our library of 1 million images and graphics, or uploading your own, then clicking ‘Publish’.”

Here are some of the cards I made for Christmas.

0001 (1)

0001 (3)

0001 (4)


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