Gavino’s Donuts 

One of the best things I received at Blogapalooza 2013 was a box of Gavino’s Donuts. I was really thrilled that I got a box of 6 of their best selling donuts. Gavino’s Japanese Donuts has been around since December 2011. They are a goumet donut shop specializing in mochi donuts and eventually expanded their selection to include milk tea and coffee.

Having over 18 stores 4 of which are to be opening soon.  Their selection of flavors is quite tasty having flavors such as Green Tea Glazed, Sour Cream, Red Velvet Pistachio, Choco Almond, Green Tea Cheesecake, Pork Floss, Parmesan Glazed and more.

I have tried the donuts and loved the Hazelnut and Choco Almond. The bread is chewier than your regular donut. It also comes in a different shape, not your usual round donuts.


Their prices are also reasonable going from Php29.00 to Php39.00 for the Ring dounts while their Mochi balls are from Php15.00 to Php25.00.

 Yummy Organics

At the Gavino’s Donuts booth there was also a selection of organic food products called Yummy Organics.

Truth be told I’m not a big lover of organic drinks. I used to drink apple juice by the carton because of my gallstones but when I had those removed I started sticking with fresh orange juice. I always found these types of juices to be bitter and unpleasant to drink. However, after sampling their Berry Company juices I discovered a refreshing and delicious healthy drink.

These products are sourced from the UK and are available in leading supermarkets. Aside from the Berry Company juices there are Eat Natural bars and Dorset Cereals. If you are health conscious or looking to improve your diet these are the way to go. They are a bit more expensive than other brands but are guaranteed all organic and nutritious.

berry-company-juices dorset-cereal

eat-natural bars

For more information contact Ms. Audrey Que-Silva:
Viber: 00 447888 829 881
Mobile: 09178106480

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