I’ve had the great experience of attending school in another country. I went to the US when I was about 5 years old and stayed there till I was 12. I lived in California and Washington and spent my elementary school years there. My education in the States  has helped me in many ways. I had friendships with various races, am fluent in the English language and have a broader idea of relationships and cultures between different races.

With all this, naturally I want my own children to have the same experience if it’s one that they want. Events such as the World Education Exhibit 2013 is a great opportunity for those seeking education in other countries. They are providing free admission, free counselling and free seminars to help you and your children decide their future paths.

In cooperation with IDP Philippines, a student placement firm and an accredited IELTS test provider, students are provided with assistance in continuing their education in such countries as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, and the United Kingdom. A particular requirement when attending schooling in another country is English efficiency wherein students are required to take a test in 4 parts, being Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing.

IDP Philippines can also guide students through counselling sessions where they match students with the right courses and institutions. As quoted by Andrew King, the IDP Philippines Country Director:

“We hold a one-day familiarization workshop so the people who are going to take the test know exactly what’s going to happen. We have them practice some of the things that are possibly on the test just to reduce their anxieties about the IELTS. It doesn’t have a pass-fail mark, it simply gives you the level of your English. We also offer assistance in processing your visa requirements, counselling sessions for prospective students who wish to study abroad but cannot think of a course to get. We give them a list of the best courses and institutions based on a couple of things like, financial, ability, relatives in the area, and so on.”

There will be 2 exhibitions, one in Cebu at the Marriot Hotel on November 15 from 12nn-5pm and the other in Makati at the Dusit Thani Hotel on November 16-17 also from 12nn-5pm.

Call (02) 816-07-55 local 116 for more information.


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