Once upon a time I wanted to be a flight attendant. I had the height for it, some would say the look and I had enough adventure in me to want to try it. The life of an international flight attendant seemed so exciting and fascinating. Imagine getting to travel to different countries, taking in the culture and meeting new people. It does seem like a glamorous life indeed.

confessions-of-a-hostieWhen I was given the opportunity to review Confessions of a Hostie by Danielle Hugh I took the opportunity because I was really interested to learn what their life is really like. I was so engrossed in the book. I found myself finding snippets of time to get in some reading.

I found her accounts of passenger stories hilarious and at times a little sad to realize how indifferent and insensitive people can be. You realize as you read the book that flight attendants don’t just require “flying skills” but also a strong stomach, an incredible amount of patience and adaptability.

Danielle keeps the story real not keeping her heroine nice and neat but funny, capable of mistakes and as human as we all are. Reading the rude encounters she has on various trips I try to imagine if I would have the same resolve.

I’m sure it would be difficult to maintain any semblance of a family life when you are frequently on the go, in different countries on even the most sacred of holidays.

Imagine spending Christmas all the way across the world while your family is at home waiting for you to get back. It can probably be a lonely life and is most ideal for singles. I admire those that are able to work as a flight attendant and still manage to have a family.

You’re in for a funny and interesting read with this book. Her follow up More Confessions of a Hostie is next on my reading list. Stay tuned for my review on that!

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