I finally got around to using my Facial Care Center gift card. I had scheduled a day full of errands as that’s how work at home moms usually function. When you find yourself going out on certain days you try and cram everything you can into that day and area.

Upon entering Facial Care Center there was a warm welcome from reception. I presented my gift card and explained the circumstances of how I received it, by winning a contest through Glam-O-Mamas.


The pretty and friendly doctor then led me to the consultation room and discussed the available treatments on the card. It turns out the card had a Firming Facial, Laser Tone, Diamond Peel and Skin Tone Re-energizer. Quite a lot of treatments for winning a contest.

Since I had plenty to do that day, I was advised to do the Diamond Peel and Skin Tone Re-energizer treatments. I could have had all of the treatments done but as I was short on time and was still going to be out for the day these were the 2 suggested ones. When having a facial done keep in mind theat it’s advisable not to have any errands or places to go after having the treatment done.

What’s great about this prize is though I wasn’t able to do all 4 treatments, I can come back to have the other 2 done even after the redemption date on the card.

After the consultation I was led to a room where the treatment would be done. Upon stepping in I already started to feel relaxed. The dim lights set the mood for the room. It was also great that they kept offering drinks for my daughter who was loving the iced tea.

I had never had a facial nor do I have a beauty routine. My consulting doctor advised me on the best ways to take care of my skin. This is something that I will have to take seriously soon as I’m not getting any younger.

The Skin Tone Re-energizer treatment felt heavenly. All the creams and what not used on my face felt so good. The attendant who did the treatments was very kind and accommodating. She was considerate in asking if I was comfortable.

The Diamond Peel felt weird in a good way. I actually fell asleep and from what my daughter says (if it’s true!) is that i actually snored a little.  I believe that’s a testament to how relaxed I was.


I felt refreshed leaving Facial Care Center and I’m looking forward to my next session where I get to have my first ever facial done.

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