If you’re like me and budget the household expenses then  I’m sure you also use or maybe need a weekly expenses & grocery list to stay organized. If you’re working on a limited budget as I am then definitely you will need something to help keep track of expenses and stay within your budget.

Being a work at home mom, I’m very lucky to receive weekly payments which makes budgeting easier as I do my bill payments and grocery shopping weekly. I’m able to better plan the due dates of my bills and any expected expenses for that week.

When it comes to a grocery list, I’ve come across plenty that have been really detailed and some that are too broad.  I decided to create one that suits my needs. You’ll notice I have a Miscellaneous/Other section and Expected Expenses section. This is where I indicate expenses outside of the grocery store such as school supplies, clothing, etc. I also like to write down the expected income for that week and assign payables to specific amounts expected.

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Weekly Expenses & Grocery List


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