In this day and age, we’re surrounded by technology and I’ve had to adapt to online learning games for kids. With my 2 eldest, we used books and arts and crafts. We used our hands to create and learn at the same time. I bought plenty of books and focused on their interests.

With our youngest, Jael who’s 3 years old I’ve done the same but significantly less. He plays on the iPhone and so I make sure to only have educational apps for him to play.  I’m aiming to make his exposure to technology as beneficial as possible and introducing him to learning games.

I’ve enrolled my youngest son into 2 online learning games for kids programs which are usually paid programs but I was fortunate to get to try them for free. We have a 1 month trial for each program and we’ll see which he benefits from more and most likely continue with that.

With ABCmouse you get a full  online curriculum for Preschool through Kindergarten. This covers Reading, Math, Science, Arts & Colors and Music for children ages 2-6.

Upon starting the program you can customize your child’s and parent’s avatars. Jael enjoyed the Farm and Zoo games. He loves animals and one of his favorite songs is Old MacDonald Had a Farm. We recently brought him to the Ark Avilon Zoo and he had a great time getting up close and personal with the animals there.

He also likes the puzzles and repeats the animal puzzle. You can choose the degree of difficulty during the games to see if your child is ready for the next step.

The interface is easy to use, attractive and easy to understand. Jael is at Level One which has 401 learning activities. We’ll see how we go but so far I’m liking their program.


Reading Eggs

I found out about the Reading Eggs program through Educents and I took this opportunity to sign up for a 4 week trial.

Jael has been enjoying this program a lot. The interface is not as attractive as ABCmouse but he really enjoys the ant that facilitates it. He loves the movie Ant Bully and I’m sure this is what has him interested in the talking ant. Here he learns by letters and 2 to 3 letter words.

It’s also easy to use and understand and my son is able to follow along with  little guidance from me.

With your free trial you get access to Reading Eggs, Reading Eggspress and Mathseeds. Their lessons are targeted for kids between 3-13.


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