I can never get too much reading into my day. Despite a busy schedule, being a work at home mom to 2 homeschooling kids and a toddler, I try to find time to get bits and pieces of reading through my news feed apps.

When it comes to reading I’ve found 6 free apps that I can get the latest, most varied content available. I normally read on my iPhone or on my Android tablet. Depending on what I’m using I have certain apps that I have on both or on one or the other. At times these apps serve as bookmarks for me to read the articles or posts on my desktop.

I usually curate content relating to being a work at home mom, homeschooling, and books. Whats nice about these apps are that you can select your interests, bookmark and share to social media sites.


I like the layout and ease of use of this app. I’ve found plenty of unique and interesting content. If you’re constantly on the internet you’ll see almost the same news but with this app you’ll find more informative content to read.



Flipboard has an interesting concept. You have boards that you can name and add interests to  and while looking through the boards at the end there are always recommended interests for you to explore.



You can have all the blogs you follow in one place with Bloglovin. There’s a general newsfeed and one with just the blogs that you follow.


All Women Stalk

There are interesting topics just for women on this app and it’s categorized by interests such as Hair, Makeup, Love, Lifestyle, Cooking, Travel and more. You’ll find mostly lists here.



If you want to find a wide variety of sites to visit StumbleUpon will bring you just that. StumbleUpon is a very poplar social media tool and has many submissions which guarantees you’ll find an interest you’ll like.



Pocket has been very useful for me. Have you ever found yourself wanting to read a ton of articles but are always pressed for time? With pocket you can save the link to the article and post and read it later on. I use the Chrome app to save the articles and read them on my iPhone or tablet. It’s also a way to bookmark information for later use.


Do you have any news feed apps you use and would like to recommend? I’d love to hear them. Just comment below.

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