We love to eat! We haven’t got the money to eat out all the time but we try out affordable restaurants and especially all you can eat restaurants. I consider buffets under Php1,000 to be affordable. There are very expensive buffets usually at hotels that can go for as high as Php2,500 per person!

I’ve compiled a list of those we have tried and those we plan on trying and have gotten great reviews from friends and family.


Yakimix serves a variety of food from Korean to Chinese to Japanese dishes. Its special feature is the fact that you can grill your own food. They also serve cooked dishes.

  • Mon-Sat Lunch Php558
  • Mon-Fri (Public Holidays not included) Dinner Php658
  • Sat Dinner Php699
  • Sun & Holiday Lunch/Dinner Php699
  • Children below 4″ Php399
  • Leftover Price Php799

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Buffet 101

I haven’t tried Buffet 101 yet but have also heard good things. It has an adequate selection but you can aslso get a better selection at other all you can eat places at these prices from what I’ve been told.  The picture below is enticing enough though to make you try it.

  • Mon-Fri lunch P699
  • Mon-Fri dinner P899
  • Saturday Lunch P899 
  • Saturday Dinner P1050
  • Sunday and Holiday P1050

Children Rate

  • Height
  • 3.5″ ft below (FREE)
  • 4.5″ ft below (P499)
  • 4.5: ft above (Adult rate)
  • Lunch Time – 11:00 – 2:00pm
  • Dinner Time – 5:30 – onwards

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I had a chance to eat at Dads/Kamayan/Saisaki EDSA during a baptismal reception. My husband was chosen to be a godfather for his friend’s daughter but he had to work and so my daughter, my youngest son and I attended for him. They also have a great selection here. We enjoyed the food, especially the desert.


Monday-Friday Lunch  P 688 (reg. price)
Monday-Friday Dinner P 788 (reg. price P888)
Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays Lunch&Dinner P 838 (reg. price P888 )


Monday-Friday Lunch NOW at P 488 (reg. price P688)
Monday-Friday Dinner NOW at P 688 (reg.price P 888)
Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays Lunch&Dinner NOW at P788 (reg.price P888)

CHILDREN’s Buffet Price:
4′-4′.6″ Weekdays P348 • Weekends & Holidays P398
3′ – Below 4 ft. Weekdays P298 • Weekends & Holidays P348
Below 3 ft. – Free

KAMAYAN Buffet Price Schedule:

Includes Bottomless Shakes, Juices & Softdrinks

Mon-Sun Lunch & Dinner Reg. price P588
Children’s Kamayan Buffet Price:
4′-4′.6″ Weekdays P 308 • Weekends & Holidays P358
3′- Below 4 ft. Weekdays P 258 • Weekends & Holidays P308
Below 3 ft. – Free

SAISAKI Buffet Price Schedule:

Includes Bottomless Shakes, Juices & Softdrinks

Mon-Fri Lunch Reg. price P 638
Mon-Fri Dinner Reg. price P 738
Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays Lunch&Dinner Reg. price P 838
Children’s Saisaki Buffet Price:
4′-4′.6″ Weekdays P328 • Weekends & Holidays P378
3′ – Below 4 ft. Weekdays P278 • Weekends & Holidays P328
Below 3 ft. – Free

70 Yrs Old and Above -50% OFF
No Service Charge
No Sharing
No LeftOver
Add P 200 for LeftOver
Only One (1) Promo Applies. Valid Only On Regular Adult Price.



I really enjoyed our time at Vikings MOA. The food selection was delicious, different varieties and yummy food aplenty. Sadly, because this was my pre-gallstones surgery days, I was only able to eat just a morsel of everything I could. Hence, the small servings you see below. I am hoping to go back soon and believe me it’ll be with a vengeance!  They offer birthday deals as some other buffets do. The prices are reasonable for the quality of the food.

So far, they have 4 branches, Mall of Asia, Marikina, SM North, and in Davao coming really soon.

Also, it’s better to call ahead at least 2 weeks and place a reservation rather than being a walk-in as you could end up waiting for some time.

Visit here for rates per location.


Somethin’ Fishy

If you’re looking for a really great deal on all you can eat buffets, Somethin’ Fishy would be at the top of the list. Their Midnight to Morning buffet is only Php199.00 from Mondays to Fridays and Php179 on weekends and holidays. Definitely a great price for an all you can eat fare of over 20 dishes.

The food quality is adequate. You probably won’t rate it as the best you’ve ever had but for these prices you’ll walk away full and satisfied.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of food to share except for these. 🙂 You can see how our mood went from Ready to eat to burp!

somethin-fishy buffet

City Buffet

We celebrated our 14th anniversary at City Buffet Fairview. We had been wanting to try it for some time but decided to wait for a special day to do so. The kids had a great time and ate to their heart’s content. As this was still my pre-gallstones days I yet again, had to control my portions lest I have another attack of pain.

SM Fairview:

Mon-Fri lunch P399
Mon-Fri Dinner P499
Saturday, Sunday and Holiday P539

Drink all you can (P55) (Coffe, Tea, Softdrinks & Juices)

Children Rate
3.0 ft below (FREE)
3.0 ft – 4.0ft (P259)
4.0 ft above (Adult rate)

Lunch Time – 11:00 – 3:00 pm (Last Call 2:15pm)
Dinner Time – 5:30 – 10:00pm (Last Call 9:15pm)

Robinson Galleria:

Mon-Fri lunch P369
Mon-Fri Dinner P399
Saturday, Sunday and Holiday P439

Children Rate
3.0 ft below (FREE)
3.0 ft – 4.0ft (P259)
4.0 ft above (Adult rate)

Lunch Time – 11:00 – 3:00 pm (Last Call 2:15pm)
Dinner Time – 5:30 – 10:00pm (Last Call 9:15pm)


We have so many more all you can eat places to try but these are some that I would suggest that are under php1,000. Do you have any great buffets to recommend?

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