Summoner SchoolVideo games are normally not my cup of tea but my son has taken an interest in a game called League of Legends. In several instances he has surprised me with knowledge that I wouldn’t have thought he’d known yet and when I asked where he learned it, he would say “League of Legends, see mom? I learn from playing.”

I was given an opportunity to review Summoner School a comprehensive training course for LOL (popular reference to the game) players. It was a great chance to include my son in doing a review while he also gets a chance to enjoy learning more about his favorite game.

I could go into it more but I think my son has written it perfectly and will only be understood by fellow LOL players. Here are his thoughts on the Summoner school course and what he picked up from it.

“When  my Mom found out about Summoner School, she told me about it and enrolled me so I could use it. I was level 30 at the time and I was having a hard time in Ranked Games.


I won my first time as Ezreal but after that game, all my games were really bad and I lost 5 times in a row.  I read through everything in the In-Game part. I really learned a lot, everything was really organized, and got me into playing Support. I bought Blitzcrank and tried him for the first time in a Ranked Game and I never expected it to be that fun playing Support . I received endless praise from the team because of all the made grabs I executed.

From that moment on, I played  support more often. I really liked Summoner School so I kept on reading about  Team Game. The Team Game Part of Summoner School was the most helpful part in my opinion because of all the stuff that you should you do when a team fight is happening, like when to split push, and who to focus on in a team fight. Post Game also helped because this teaches you how to communicate to your team in a good way, what to do when you have a bad game, or when you’re doing great but the other lanes are having trouble.

This guide would help someone who is around level 20 or even Diamond players might get some useful stuff from it. Summoner School is one of the reasons why I’m in Gold 3 right now. I’m thankful for the chance to learn all this stuff. Thank You!” – Sebastian

Aside from my son learning new words from this game he has also developed a liking for writing. He has a blog, Marvelous Adventures of a Dude where he talks about League of Legends among other things.

As much as I would want for my children to use their time for things I believe are more productive, I’ve realized that instead of fighting it, I can encourage them to learn from the games they play. As a homeschooling mom, we try and find a learning experience in everything.

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