I’m not one of those people that wins things. I can count on one hand things that I have won (being a mountain bike, fruit basket and this!) My first winning contest experience was not what I expected.

I had entered a simple Facebook contest where you tell Glam-O-Mamas why you should win the prize. Here’s my winning entry.


 I didn’t know I had won until I was sent a personal message on Facebook but when I did find out I was ecstatic! The prize was a spa trip to Facial Care Centre.


It was great to finally win something. I join giveaways and contests when I can but the competition is fierce!

The downside was that I didn’t receive my prize until 2 months and 2 days later. I wasn’t too irritated about it because I had after all won a contest. Although as time was passing on I started to wonder if I would ever receive my prize.glam-o-mamas

What’s nice about the whole situation is that Facial Care Centre and Glam-O-Mamas kept  in touch with me and didn’t brush me off. I received, emails, text messages and personal messages on Facebook updating me.

I finally received my prize and it was personally delivered by one of Amanda Griffin-Jacob’s assistants. Amanda is the brains and beauty behind Glam-O-Mamas.

I’m grateful for the prize and will be sharing my experience at Facial Care Centre soon!

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