These are not required for homeschooling families but Homeschool ID cards are becoming a must have. So far there are only a few websites offering free ID cards but here are a few that you can try.

Homeschool Buyers Co-op

You need to register and be a member to get this free homeschool ID card. All you have to do to get your ID card is just type in your details and print it out. You can laminate at your local copy shop. (Worldwide)

For a minmal fee you can purchase a PVC card. The first card costs $7.95.  Each additional card costs $5.95. (US & Canada only)

Get a FREE
Homeschool ID Card!

Big Huge Labs

This is a generic ID card maker but you can customize it to be a Homeschooling ID. You can also put more information like birthdays and other info. Also can be customized by color and orientation.

Here are sample cards of my children:


Student Identification Card from Microsoft Office

Office has an ID card that you can also print out and laminate.


Enchanted Homeschooling Mom

Normally ID cards is only available to EHM members but for a limited time it will be available for download without registering.



They had a promotion for a professionally printed PVC ID card with free shipping and handling. Stay tuned for their next offer. US only. Limit of 5 per home.

Here are sample cards of my children:


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