I’ve found that worksheets give the children a semblance of attending school like they used to. I started homeschooling my children in middle school and they have gotten used to how “regular” schooling is. As much as possible I try to find free worksheets for homeschooling that have Answer Keys and are plenty in content.

Here are some sites that offer free worksheets for homeschooling that you can download.

Teachers pay Teachers (K-12) All subjects

Education.com (K-12) All subjects

Have Fun Teaching (K-12) All subjects

EZ School (K-12) All subjects

BBC (K-12) All subjects

School Express All subjects

cK-12 (K-12) All subejcts Worksheets are integrated in each lesson plan

K12 Reader (K-12) Reading, Spelling, Grammar

Ellen McHenry’s Basement Workshop All subjects

Kids Know It All Subjects

ABC Teach All subjects

Super Teacher Worksheets (K-5) All subjects

Kidzone (K-5)All subjects

Jumpstart (1-5) All subjects

TLS Books (K-6)

The Go Mom (1-6) All subjects

Soft Schools (K-8)

PreK-8 (K-8)

Ed Helper (K-8) Math, English

WorksheetWorks (Math, English, Geography)

WorksheetPlace.com (Grammar, Math, Science, Language)

Kids Health (K-12) Worksheets are integrated in each lesson plan

Math Worksheets Land (K-12)

Master Math (6-8)

Math Chimp (1-8)

Adapted Mind (1-6) Math


Math Drills 

Math is Fun 

Boggles World ESL (K-12) English

ESL Tower (Grammar)

 Busy Teacher English

Instant Worksheets Various subjects

School Sparks Various subjects (K)

Great Schools