We’re on our 5th week of Homeschooling and it has been a challenge. Being a work at home mom with 2 homeschoolers has definitely needed time, energy and concentration. Being new to homeschooling we haven’t yet established a smooth routine but we have been able to get the work done with a homeschool schedule. We don’t stick to the time schedule rather it works as an outline for what we would like to accomplish for that day.

For now I plan the lessons by week and see how the kids go. We focus on different topics but keep it aligned with the requirement our Department of Education has for their specific grade.

Aside from English, Math, Science, Filipino, Social Studies, and Art, Music and Physical Education, I’ve included subjects such as Spelling, Computer, Handwriting, World History, Health, and Foreign Language. I think these extra subjects will add value and culture to their studies.


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We tend to start our day between 9-10am. After we’ve had breakfast and done some tidying up the kids start on the subjects planned for that day. We have 1 computer that they take turns on it. While one child is learning their lesson on the computer usually through a powerpoint or video the other is doing their worksheet or activity.

This is what our weekly schedule looks like:

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri
Handwriting Handwriting Handwriting Handwriting Handwriting
Math Math Math Math Math
English English English English English
Science Science Science Science Science
This Day in History This Day in History This Day in History This Day in History This Day in History
Spelling Spelling Spelling Spelling Spelling
Computer Computer Computer Computer Computer
Filipino Health Foreign Languages Health Art
Wonders of the World World History Wonders of the World Music
Filipino History PE

Since I have a 6th and 8th grader there are some subjects that they share lessons on. These being, World History, Filipino History, Health, Art, Music, and PE.

We usually finish up by 3pm. By the end of the day the children fill out a Daily Accountability Sheet that I got from Easy Peasy. This helps to track their progress and also serves as a record for the work that they’ve done.