Ever since I got an iPhone my 2 year old has been playing games on it non-stop. To make sure he’s getting value from the games he plays I made sure to install free apps that he could learn from and enjoy.
With the surge of gadgets and gizmos we still need to take stock, evaluate and re-evaluate the limits that we need to put when it comes to their technological exposure.
Gone are the days when children would go out, play and run. Nowadays you’ll see most children hunkered over their cellphones, tablets and laptops. As a mom in this day and age it can be a challenge to create a balance between active play and gadgets.
Surprisingly there are  quite a few quality apps that you can download for free. Here are my top 5 picks.
1) Dr. Seuss’ ABC
My son enjoys singing the ABCs and doing it the Dr. Seuss way is even better. There are 3 choices when playing this app. They can be read to, they can read it themselves or it can be auto read. The free app is a lite version with up to 3 letters.

2) Old MacDonald Had a Farm

This app has plenty of features and for a free app it doesn’t disappoint. Aside from singing with Old MacDonald there are games to play. There are 5 games to choose from. My son enjoys the Tap the Animal game. The Song mode is limited but it’s long enough to keep his attention. A full version is available for purchase.

3) Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

This classic children’s song is available as a free app on iTunes. It also offers plenty of games. Some of which are Match Pairs, Puzzles, Counting, Coloring and Dot to Dot. The song is also good to use right before bedtime as it lulls your child to sleep. There’s also a full version app.

4) Dino Day

Dino Day is a fun app which teaches mixing and matching. The full version offers 4 dinos to choose from. The free version gives you one fun purple dinosaur to play with. Your child will have fun dressing the dino and changing his shirt, pants, shoes, faces and even accessories. My son gets a kick out of dressing him up to play basketball down to his shoes!

5) Talking Gummibar

Gummibar is a famous green bear that has a very catchy song (albeit annoying when played over and over). The app has Gummibar singing, dancing and playing instruments. It’s an interactive app that lets your child take his picture and record him. He can also repeat what you say. Quite alot of features from this free app.
This is not a sponsored post and I am not receiving any earnings from recommending these apps.