Our battered Scattergories game set
My children and I had a nice afternoon playing Scattergories. We’ve actually had this game for children since I was a child myself. The box is a bit battered but the game equipment is still intact. I’ve been wanting to play this with them for some time.
It’s a simple game really but it can get you thinking! The game includes category lists, answer pads, timer, letter die, and  pencils. All you have to do is roll the dice which will give you a letter. On the answer pads you’ll write your answer to the categories. Simple right? The catch is you can only write words that start with the letter you rolled and all in only one minute.
You start getting creative trying to answer things like Item in this room, Things you’re allergic to, Found in a souvenir shop. You get the picture.
We had a great time playing Scattergories and really these kinds of games are the best to play. I’d prefer games like these to the computer games I see nowadays (though my son constantly insists that there’s an opportunity for learning in each one!)
There are many games for children out there that your family can enjoy. I would highly recommend old time favorites like Scrabble, Monopoly, Clue, Pictionary and Boggle, all games you can enjoy and learn from.