The luxury ice cream Haagen Dazs is saying farewell to the Philippine market starting on June 30 with the closure of its Mall of Asia and Robinsons Mall branches. Shangri-la Plaza and Eastwood Mall branches will be no more on August 31.

The reason for the closure was the challenging business environment that they had experienced ever since they opened and I would guess that this was due to the high prices of ice cream they offered. Though one of the most delicious I have to say with other brands more affordable and also delicious I can’t say that I’m that surprised. Just last year they had announced plans of opening more branches.

Haagen Daz has some of the most delicious flavors. They offer a wide range and you can experience the flavors of midnight cookies to green tea. You can mix and match and combine flavors. You also have the option to have it served in a waffle cone, with a brownie, with a cookie, with a chocolate dome or with a Bruffin. That’s a lot of options!

Ice cream is my number one comfort food and it’s saddening that Haagen Dazs will be leaving the country. I hope we get a chance to have some one last time before they finally leave in September.