Is PicMonkey the New Picnik?

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Source:  The Daring Librarian (Flickr)

If you’ve been looking for a replacement to the very useful tool photo editor Picnik then look no further. An intended replacement, PicMonkey is almost identical to Picnik with some new features to boast of.

When Picnik announced that they were closing shop they made all their tools available some of which were once only available to paying customers.

So I said my goodbyes to Picnik and searched for a replacement. My only requirements being that it was free and user friendly. I got very lucky and found PicMonkey which didn’t even require me to register.

Similar to Picnik it has Basic Edits, Effects, Touch Up, Text, Overlays, Frames, and Textures. So if you’re looking to make some touch ups to your shots by air brushing or teeth whitening or creating some dramatic effects then PicMonkey is perfect for you. Best of all it’s free!
It’s fairly new and they have some things in store such as collages and more. Hopefully their features continue to be free for all users.
Happy editing!
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