I was honored to be asked to be the godmother of my dear friend’s new born daughter and I was on a mission to give a meaningful gift that money couldn’t buy.

When my youngest had his birthday I had wanted to create a message book or video. With the help of his godparents we were able to take some video messages which I have yet to work on.

I decided that this was the perfect gift. I scoured Pinterest for ideas and got inspiration from a personalized message book. I kept it simple with the most basic of materials.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • card stock (different colors)
  • wrapping paper (different designs)
  • picture of recipient
  • ribbon
  • hole puncher
  • roll on glue
  • scotch tape
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • cutter
I decided to use her nickname for the letters. My inspired design had used Baby but you can use whatever you’d like. Just remember the more letters you have the more designs and materials you’ll need.
First you’ll need to measure each page to make sure that each letter will be properly seen once each page once it has been placed one on top of the other.
I used 6in x 6in for my measurement of the letters. The letter itself will only be 5in. The extra inch will be used as a border which will be explained further. Since I have 3 letters the back page is 16in x 5in, middle page is 11in x 5in and the front page is only 6in x 5in featuring the first letter of your chosen word or name.

How to Make the Letters

When choosing the font for your letter keep in  mind the dimensions that we indicated above. At the time I made this I drew the letters which was a bit difficult. You can also print the letters and trace it onto your card stock. Use a cutter for letters that have hard to cut curves and holes such as the letters A, O, P, etc.

Next glue the front of the letter to your wrapping paper. Use roll on glue as opposed to the standard Elmer’s glue for even application. Cut off the excess wrapping paper.
To create a division between letters cut a strip of wrapping paper measuring 1in. Choose a wrapping paper contrast to the wrapping you’ve chosen for the letter. This is what you will use the extra inch for.
The page above the letter should be a plain color so just pull colors from the wrapping that you’ve used. This is where family and friends will write their messages.
You can add accent decorations to each page but keep it minimal so that your masterpiece doesn’t look cluttered. Simple cut out shapes or stickers are best. Make sure that it ties in with your design.
How to Make a Letter with a Picture
This will depend if you have a letter with a hole where you can place the picture. Ideal letters for this would be  B, D, O, P, and Q. These letters give you enough space to properly display a picture.
Use a cutter  for the holes of the letter. The wrapping paper should already be glued on before you put the picture. Trace the letter onto the picture making sure that the image is centered. Use roll on glue and secure with tape.
The back of each page should be covered with a plain colored paper to give it a finished look. You can use simple paper to cover the back of the page. This can also be extra writing space.
Lastly, line up all the pages and make a mark at the top where you will be punching through with your hole puncher. Tie it with a ribbon and make it a bow tie for added design.
Personalized gifts are always the best because you know that time and effort has been put into it. This in particular is a great gift that can be cherished through the years.