Dr. Seuss has been around for quite sometime and if you’ve read his books or watched the movies then you’ll know that it’s a world of quirky, colorful, and funny characters. He was mysterious and has always played on that fact creating a wider and wider fan base.


With the release of the animation movie Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax his works are sure to be revived and poured over. This is a great thing because it brings kids back to old fashioned reading. Too many kids are immersed in their gadgets that they miss out on the simple pleasures and the creativity that imagination brings.

The Lorax is brought to life through 3D-CG and from the trailers you can see just how much the colors pop. Ted is in search of the Lorax who he believes will help him to discover a real Trufulla Tree. He goes on this journey to try and get the girl of his dreams.

You’ve probably wondered just who exactly Dr. Seuss was. Get to know the author behind the children’s books and movies by reading Dr. Seuss Who Are You?