A dear friend gave our youngest a Baby Einstein DVD. I’ve known about this particular learning product for quite some time but I hadn’t had the chance to use them on my older kids or introduce it to my newest one.
Being a year old he has a very short attention span. He moves from one thing to the next. He doesn’t watch cartoons for long and only for about 2 minutes just for the credits. Ironically he does watch commercials and can watch one commercial after the other. I recall a study done on the unconscious impact of commercials but to see it in a child as young as this was surprising but that’s another topic.
After a particularly exhausting morning I decided to play the Baby Einstein Neptune DVD he was given and to my surprise he was hooked from the start. He sat still for almost 30 minutes in awe.I decided to play it a second time and see what kept his attention.
The music was playful yet in sync with the scenes being shown. It didn’t have a still moment and the colors of the toys were very bright and attractive. It featured the elements of water and this is what I’m guessing kept his attentionĀ becauseĀ he loves to take a bath and play with water.
Watching it carefully I realized that it was very simply done and it focused on engaging through sound and color. I decided to look up the creator of Baby Einstein and found out that a housewife like me created the future name in baby learning.
I’m happy with the DVD and intend on buying more for him to watch. He watches it at least once a day and so for about 30 minutes everyday I have time to myself which usually means I can sit down or lie down next to him and just rest!