booksAs I’ve mentioned in my earlier posts I LOVE to read. Usually anything I can get my hands on. My one current regret is not having enough time to read but I’ve decided to add to my bucket list Oprah’s Book Club recommendations.

It’s a good place to start because I’ll have an already prepared list. I’ve read a few of the books on Oprah’s list but this was several years ago and I’m sure my take on it would be very different today.

I was compelled to confront my own demons with White Oleander. It hit home which is what a really good book should do to you.

I’ve also watched a couple of the movies but I’ve always preferred the books. I guess I owe it to the fact that not every pertinent fact in the book can be translated to the big screen and this can sometimes lose it’s impact. Unless you’ve read the book you’ll probably find a book to movie enjoyable fair. I did enjoy the Harry Potter movies though because they were able to retain the significance of the books despite the big chunks of story plots that were missing.

Oprah has had some controversy with her book choices but nonetheless they still made a hefty profit just being featured.  Her list is quite extensive and has a pretty wide variety. There’s sure to be a book for everyone to read.